A little bit of mindfulness for the home...

A little bit of mindfulness for the home...

Creating peace and harmony in your everyday life is key to staying uplifted, positive and making each day better.  

With our hectic lifestyles, constant social pressure and general craziness; it can be hard to find, even create, those times when we are still and just simply enjoy the moment.  Mindfulness has certainly become one of today's great buzz words and rightly so too.  

In my experience mindfulness can take many forms; but my main learning is to find those moments during the day to just stop.  Be still.  And let my conscious mind rest.  It is said that once you can achieve this state constantly, then you are at one with your soul, the universe, even God.  It's certainly something to aim for!  

In practice, I have found that creating a space at home which will help me achieve this state of stillness is key to being more mindful.  Using pantones that sooth me, textures that relax me and scents that calm me are three of my fundamentals.  We all want our homes to be the best they can possibly be, but sometimes we forget that our homes are our space for us to just be; to forget about the madness of the world.  Our home should be as joyful, peaceful and full of love and happiness as we can possibly make it.  Let it show the best of you by bringing out the best in you.  

At home, I have found that different parts of the house give me the opportunity to create my moments of mindfulness.  I use the textures and scents of a huge variety of plants in my urban oasis to give me the opportunity to have mindfulness moments in the garden.  Music is very much a key player for me also, so my sound system can bring on those moments of calm and stillness throughout various rooms of the house.  

So why not give it a try; remove those everyday distractions and bring in the good vibes across your home.  We have a range of health and wellbring products available instore and online.  We also love a good chat, so let us know if you need any help or advice on creating your own mindful spaces at home.  

Now breathe....

Love T&F xx

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