Creating a feature wall - we're mad for it

Creating a feature wall - we're mad for it

When we opened our first store in Durnford Street, Greenwich Market back in February. we wanted our space to be eye catching and memorable; whilst also working with our product range for the season.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  

However, when we started throwing around the idea of a Feature Wall we had mixed emotions and ideas.  A Feature Wall can conjure up a plethora of design outcomes; two tone colours, whacky wall paper and a whole host of sterotypical interior design faux pas (potentially). 

As part of the main entrance to the boutique, the feature wall area is located in the oldest part of the building.  The front of Tailor&Forge Greenwich is within the Old Banana Ripening Store, where the bananas and other fruits would come straight in off the boats to rest and ripen before going off out to market.  

It's a great spot to use as one of our feature areas - there's a vast ceiling and the old bricks are just beautiful.  Our debate stemmed around keeping it au natural or going all out and being bold with on trend colours.  The latter won out, so off we went with our colour charts to purchase the right paint pantones.  

Step 1 - cleaning and prep

Yes it's a boring as it sounds, but it's the first and most important step in achieving a smooth and uniform finish.  Of course, the bricks being 100 years old, made for some great dust and general mess.  

Step 2 - cutting in

That's right; cutting in.  We always start at the edges and outsides of the wall/ areas needing painting.  It is slow going and with a wall where each brick is a completely different shape and where nothing is in alignment; it certainly took some time.  However, cutting in first does make painting the main wall, way much easier whilst keeping clean edges and lines.  

Step 3 - let it dry and rest

Many people make the mistake of trying to complete a wall in the first go/ first couple of hours in which it grabs their attention!  Steps 1 and 2 take time, so do this on day one and then move to Step 3.  Step 4 can follow (if time allows)

Step 4 - the main event

So get those sleeves rolled up and get the main wall painted.  With our wall, it was fairly plain sailing.  The time consuming part came from the sheer coverage required and again, the non-uniform bricks, meaning each brick had to be painted individually. 

Step 5 - enjoy and do any touch ups

Make sure you have even coverage on your wall, look from a distance but also up close.  If you need to do touch ups then do so.  It'll be worth it in the long run.  


Now this all sounds rather simple and easy.  Which is usually the case with a freshly plastered lovely flat wall.  After completing steps 1 to 5 above, the following morning we came in to find our wall pealing and flaking in various and numerous places from high to low and left to right.  Somewhat of a disaster.  The gorgous warm pink, was looking very instagram-able with it's flaky pieces - vintage to say the least.  However, totally impractical for a high footfall area not to mention the ongoing mess it would undoubtedly produce over time.  Disaster had struck after all!  

Never ones to be outdone, off we set to the hardware store for round two of paints - this time including two other pantones from the in season range we had selected.  Pinks.  Muted purples.  Selected shades of blue.  Gold leaf also found its way into the basket.  

Off we went with steps 1 to 5 again.  


Three days later, and plenty of rubbing down.  More gold leaf.  And more rubbing down.  We finally had the wall finished.  Let's call it a labour of love for the passion of interior design gorgeousness.  Or at least we hope so anyway.  

So the moral of the story?  Things dont always go to plan.  Flex and go organic with your interiors.  Sometimes styles work first time around, sometimes they dont.  But always, always, use it as an opportunity to create and make something that extra bit special.  

Let us know what you think about our Feature Wall.  If you join us in store, feel free to sit on the natural rattan sofa and take in the boutique, plush cushions and throws and get instagram happy.  

Love T&F xx

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