Hello. Good evening and welcome!

Hello.  Good evening and welcome!

So we’ve been up and running now for around 8 weeks and we are super happy with our new store in Greenwich Market (not that we’re biased of course).

It’s been a blast meeting new faces locally and also being welcomed into the local community. We’ve been blessed with really lovely customers too.  So thank you to everyone who’s been by...and for those who are yet to visit; we look forward to welcoming you soon.

For our first blog post I wanted to talk about ‘the retail experience’.  Something extremely important in this game, and a subject countless books and commentary from people far more savvy than I I’m sure will study for many years to come.  With such a lot of press and bad news stories of late about the retail industry being dead it is being deemed ‘tough out there’.  All business and industries have to fight each day so technically it’s always tough...But is it really as bad as it seems?

With Tailor&Forge launching at a time when many high street shops are closing and larger chains are falling into the pits of despair; why on Earth are we doing it?  Because you’re crazy I hear you say!

The crazy part may be true however I think that there are three key things which retailers should always stay focused on and true to...

1.  Genuinely loving your brand

2.  Love meeting and interacting with people

3.  Provide products and services which are relevant, well priced and ethical as far as possible.

As we are all consumers, and having been in a fair few shops in a fair few countries myself; it is those where we have met great owners with a real passion for what they do which has always stuck in my mind.  This by far has been one of our founding principles for Tailor&Forge.  As a retailer it genuinely brings joy to my day when having an engaging conversation with a customer or visitor to the store...what are they doing with their day?  Who’s the purchase for?  Genuine human interactions and care.  As a customer (and speaking from experience) it also brightens my entire retail experience when I’m in a bright, engaged and friendly environment.  That simple ‘hello, how are you doing?’ Said with genuine interest really does go a long way.  

When it comes to products and services...there are obviously a million things to offer and a zillion ways on how to do it.  But sometimes regular change, freshness, personality and the ‘experience’ part gets lost in the day to day operation.  As a consumer you want to understand, touch, smell and learn about a product.  Especially in the homeware arena.  It’s important that we create a retail space where these things can happen...it’s much harder to achieve online.  Making sense of your product (yourself and to your customers) is super important in my opinion.  

Our bricks and mortar boutique and online store are always changing...giving a meaningful experience and reason to come back to the community.  Or at least we hope anyway :)

With this in mind it brings me hope as I believe that some of the more recent horror stories are actually places where fundamental retail principles have fallen by the way side.  

With unchartered waters ahead (little nod to Greenwich Martime there!) it’s for sure going to be hard work.  But I know that our team, their passion and through engagement with our customers, I believe we’ll steer a path to retail joy.  We hope you will join us on our journey.

Thanks for reading. 

Love T&F xx


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