It's a summer of love

It's a summer of love

Bring on the London love.  Summer is here and our beloved City is beginning to be descended upon by visitors from all over the globe.  Here in Greenwich we have been experiencing a boost in visitor numbers as many of us welcome various cruise ship operators to the new Greenwich Port.  Various operators are now able to dock in Greenwich (right next to the Cutty Sark) bringing tourists from all over Europe, the USA and many other countries straight into the heart of London.  

Recently I was out for dinner with a friend at Fullers, Sail Loft gastropub right on the water front.  There was one of the cruise ships docked.  It was a Friday evening and there were locals and tourists alike mingling, enjoying the river, the view, the outside dining and warm summer evening.  The place was buzzing!  An entertainer came by playing cliche songs on his accordion (singing qwondo qwondo qwondo)...all topped off with a fantastic fireworks display courtesy of the cruise ship/ tall ships festival.  What a treat.  I really was summer and I felt as if i was on holiday.  Who'd of thought that all of this would have been going on in the heart of London and in Greenwich. 

Here at the boutique we have met a variety of visitors recently from all over the world saying how fantastic Greenwich is and what a wonderful place for them to be staying and visiting.  The buzz in the market is just great, and retailers and market traders are all seeing the benefits of a vibrant summer tourist season. 

Our local community is out in force too; with many locals and tourists mixing and sharing stories in the local pubs - especially during the World Cup. 

With the glorious weather set to continue, we very much look forward to a 'summer of love' as Steps would say! 

Love T&F 


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