London Design Festival - Happiness in Greenwich

London Design Festival - Happiness in Greenwich

The London Design Festival 2018 starts this Saturday 15th September.  Greenwich Market is hosting events throughout the festival to discover how design can make us happier.  Join us as we take part in the festival.  

Creating happiness, peace and harmony in your everyday life is key to staying uplifted, positive and making each day better. 

With our hectic lifestyles, social pressures and life's general 'craziness' it can be hard to find, or even create the time to stand still and simply savour the moment. Hence, mindfulness has emerged as one of the great movements of the present day.

But how can we use interiors to bring joy and happiness into our everyday lives?

At Tailor and Forge we believe in creating a home that enables you to smile, laugh and above all feel happiness that you will want to share with family and friends.

Using pantones that soothe, relaxing textiles and calming scents, that merge seamlessly with quality interior design pieces is a small part of our fundamental design vision.

Through our partnership with The London Design Festival and Greenwich Market we aim to welcome you into our vision of home and  curating for happiness.

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