Sun is is getting sweet (yeah!)

Sun is is getting sweet (yeah!)

It's finally here.  With one fell swoop spring has suddenly sprung and the sun has got its hat on!  

Greenwich Market is absolutely buzzing today.  The food market is cooking up a literal (sun) storm; full of flavours and delicious smells.  There's a sense of excitement and joy in the air.  Smiley happy people all round.  Dont you just love this time of year!

It's great to see so many people out enjoying the London scene.  

Today we have set up one of our floral wigwams out the front of the boutique (there's a Western style one also) some fun and a nod to summer to our little patch of Greenwich Market.  Check out our instagram for images.  

Today's theme here at Tailor&Forge is 'Dream with your eyes wide open' - so here's to Dreaming of Summer and getting out in your local community.  

Hope to see you soon!

Love T&F xx

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